Hebden Bridge Campaign for Broadband

What is this questionnaire for?

The information you give us will be used to build a 'digital profile' of the Hebden Bridge area. This will help us to:

  • Push for earlier, better quality and better value broadband and future internet services provision for the area.
  • Make the case for accessing local, regional and national funding to support digitally based commercial, creative, community and educational activity in the area.

The form should only take a few minutes to complete and the details you give us are treated as confidential. You can tell us just how much, or how little, you want to be involved in any future activity by choosing from the options at the end of this form.

Company or Organisation (if any):

Please note that you can choose as many options below as apply. Please give us more details and your comments wherever possible.

Do you currently have Internet access?

No internet access     Modem     ISDN    

Other: give details:

What improvements would you like to see in the 'digital life' of the Hebden Bridge area?

Better/Faster Internet services     IT Training Services
Advice to businesses and organisations about using IT and the Internet
Advice to businesses and organisations about using IT and the Internet
Help for individuals in using IT and the Internet
Other comments:

You can also help us by answering one or more of the sections below if they apply.

If you are replying from a business or creative viewpoint please tell us the following

Nature of your business/ creative activities:

Do you currently use digital technology/the internet as part of your work?

Yes     No

If yes, how?    

Would you like to be integrating digital technology/the internet more into your work in the near future?

Yes     No

If yes, how?    

How would improved internet services add to what you have to offer?

Increased turnover
Better margins
Improved productivity
Greater opportunity for
innovation and creativity
Wider audience
Better research

Business turnover range (if applicable):

Below 100k
Below 250k
Below 500k
Over 500k
Other Comments

Number of employees (if applicable):

Over 25
Other Comments
If you are replying from an organisational viewpoint please tell us the following:

How many members does your organisation have?

How would your organisation benefit from improved internet access/digitally based services?
If you are replying from an educational viewpoint please tell us the following:
Do you deliver or receive educational services? Plese give details.
How would you benefit from improved internet access/digitally based services? Details

   I would like to receive updates on the campaign to improve the digital environment for the Hebden Bridge area.

Thank you for completing this survey. The results will be used to help us in our campaign to help improve the digital environment and digital opportunities for the Hebden Bridge area and will be held by the Hebden Bridge Web in common with The Javalounge and the Bradford University based Simula project.

Your details will not be passed to anyone else unless, in the future, we have asked for and been specifically given your permission. This would only be likely if, for example, a commercial offer of benefit to the community as a whole became apparent.

In the meanwhile you can choose to be kept up to date by choosing any or all of the options below.

Thank you again for your time and your help.

Further copies of this form are available online at the Hebden Bridge Web (www.hebdenbridge.co.uk) or in printed form from the Java Lounge.