From David Glover
Friday, March 8, 2002

I am a heavy user - as a private individual, retired from business many years ago - of the Internet, and surf several hours a day, across a broad spectrum of web sites.

I currently use BT (Openworld) as my ISP, with an ISDN (Home Highway) connection (at the standard exorbitant cost!)švia BT Anytime (7/24 access for a further £14.99 per month).

And, of course,šI would dearly like Broadband Connection (ADSL - Home), and Išhave been on BT's 'waiting list' since I moved to live in HB last April. I regularly check for availability, but of course get no human response.

BT's efforts to spread Broadband across the whole country are quite pathetic as we all know, and I am very ready to support any pressure group in HB. I had wondered about e-mailing our MP to ask her to apply pressure if at all possible? Good luck