Hebweb statement: March 2002

Hebden Bridge is in danger of missing out on the latest phase of the digital revolution. We are hoping to use the Hebweb to campaign for digital access for Hebden Bridge. The Hebden Bridge Web was the first UK community website and many of the writers, artists, small businesses and teleworkers living in the surrounding hills have been those with the imagination to take the fullest advantage of the new technologies.

Broadband is the term used to refer to fast access to the web. With broadband, music and video can be access almost as easily as web pages. Large files can be downloaded very quickly. However, the HB telephone exchange is not among those offering this service, and no-one at BT seems able to give us information about when we can expect an update. Of the alternatives, cable is not available and broadband satellite access is very expensive. BT have suggested that they will respond to demand. One way they are going to judge this is by the number who check availability. Below is the contact info.

Digital TV and Radio: is not available to most people in the Upper Valley either. Our licence money is being spent on BBC 4, for example, and many of those in Hebden Bridge would be just the kind of people this station could attract. However, the only way we can access it at the moment is covering our rows of terraced houses with satellite dishes. “

The Hebden Bridge Web is keen to increase digital access to our area.