From Mark O'Leary
Monday, September 2, 2002

IT Week (Vol5 No 32) reports that BT is to conduct a 6 month trial of small scale ADSL exchange equipment, claimed to be economical with just 16 subscribers per exchange. Has anyone out there got sufficient clout with BT to suggest Hebden Bridge/Mytholmroyd as part of the trial? See ITWeek

There are other possible ways forward. Oxfordshire County Council is building a community network by linking all its council offices, schools and libraries. The backbone they are installing is designed to have greater carrying capacity than required so that each node on their network (eg a local school) can act as a point-of presence which local homes and businesses can link back to. Could Calderdale be prevailed upon to plan something similar? (I'd note that a canal tow path is a possible candidate route for laying a fibre backbone running the length of the valley with minimum fuss and planning difficulties). See

Finally, we can all welcome the promised service from Calder Wireless Broadband, whilst wincing slightly at their reported pricing plans. It sounds like a commercialised version of the 'free' community approach we were discussing earlier.