Wireless broadband

From Lorenzo P. Galietta
Thursday, November 7, 2002

As a seasoned IT professional (seasoned with what I hear you ask ;D) involved in web-based applications and internet provision, I have been monitoring the situation here in the valley for a very long time. A colleague of mine in Todmorden had been talking to ISPs about alternate technologies prior to BT even considering setting a trigger level for the ADSL-enabling of the Tod exchange. The lack of a trigger level for the Hebden Exchange confirms the *total lack of interest* on their part in providing access here, as does this earlier news item on this site. This is leading me to re-consider options other than ADSL. I do not consider ISDN a viable alternative - too little bandwidth for too much money. So... I'm nagging companies again for information.......

And now some good news....

Just had an interesting conversation with Calder Wireless Broadband. It is hoped that they will be providing (wireless) broadband access in the Valley from January 2003. They are currently finalising the details.

Well...the more the merrier. As per usual with BT, once the competitors have proved the market exists using alternative technologies to ADSL, no doubt somebody at BT will suddenly realise it's financially viable. Isn't is odd that the BT trigger-levels are substantially higher than several ISPs consider viable (30-50 users as opposed to 100+), and that BTOpenWound couldn't even be bothered to follow up registrations in The Tod area?

Congratulation to Tod!!!... they are apparently working on the exchange as we speak... let's hope something happens in HB soon.
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