Wireless broadband

From Gordon Rimer
Thursday, January 9, 2003

You gotta go to the EdenFaster site. There's this woman called Linsey who is employed as the project manager, I think, who's really got the bug for broadband, and she took it to a 'bottom-up'-type conference on broadband and waxed eloquent. We need to visit them, for which I've already opened an online discussion, coz . . .. . . they've just gotten something like 970K from their Regional Development Agency for Lancashire, for wirelessing up a complete valley in North Lacashire, I think it's around the Kirby Stephen area (may be wrong), schools, businesses, you name it and they're are going to wire it up. They are so much infront of us.

It's put together by a bunch of guys, own businesses, that require broadband, who are obviously in the now and have figured out how to trigger the system for capital funding. Why do we have to work from first principles the hard way when advice from them would catapult us forward . . . maybe before Jan 14th!

Somebody talk to me, we can't let a regional strategy group go forward without us having our views on broadband taken into acount.

From Gordon Rimer
Wednesday, November 27, 2002

I have developed a business concept that will supply a subsidised-to-free wireless broadband service in this area as a market trial. I am currently in discussions with Tesco.com and United Co-operatives (our Co-opstore operator) to progress the matter. I am interested in putting together a management group consisting of management, financial, core technology, marketing and human resources skills. I'd like to hear from anyone who is interested to take this concept forward into implimentation.

From Gordon Rimer
Tuesday, December 3, 2002

Thanks for the responses to the appeal for a management team to bring wireless broadband into the area. So far I've had a good response from some very technically savvy people . . . but what about the others, management, an MBA'er would be OK, financial, marketing & human resources. Who d'you know who might be interested. . . . preferably homegrown!