Wireless broadband

From Gordon Rimer
Thursday, December 19, 2002

re: the recent NUJ meeting / broadband, that was good meeting from my point of view

  • It showed that there was a kernel of people into broadband for whatever reasons
  • It also demonstrated that there's lots of technological solutions to broadbanding-up Hebden
  • That there's no clear path as to what we could be doing next in order to get broadband


I want to champion wireless broadband (which could easily and quickly be installed in a couple of weeks!) and the reasoning goes something like this: I love Hebden, I love the people of Hebden and I love its geography. To me the community of Hebden is like a big family . . . . . . I just love Hebden. That said, what beats me is that although we have quite a strong sense of community we're not using bleeding edge communications technology to increase the quality of life for the community as a whole AND for each individual in it.

Political solutions appear to be in a near-death state. Individual solutions solve it for individuals but do little for the community as a whole. There's so much expertise, experience, humour, care in Hebden it's awesome . . . . . but it is based on individual action. I want to put a flag up for bringing all these good that are Hebden together and taking the risk that it is possible to act individually AND together as a group AND have one hell of an impact on the quality of life in Hebden.


I believe broadband is the technology upon which we can develop all the social and business interactions of Hebden. My field of interest is the business interactions, those interactions ervery houselhold, every person and every business in Hebden pays out huge sums of money every year only to watch all the profits from those payments flood out of Hebden at high speed.

Do we get any say in who benefits from the profits made on OUR purchases? With broadband technology, with purchasing aggregation software and micro-payments software and others, Hebden plc could make a bloody good stab at getting those profits to flow back into Hebden. I reckon there's not far of a 100m flow of disposable income into Hebden every year, most of it flows out. Very little remains in Hebden.

What I will be doing in the new year is setting up a limited liability company to get as much of that outflow of money recycling in Hebden. As I say, I will be championing wireless broadband as the vehicle which will lead to a 10 megabit ethernet service for everyone

I invite anyone interested in any aspect of this business to join me.