Government announces deregulation of 5GHz band for RLAN

From James Quinn
Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Yesterday the government announced that part of the 5GHz band will be deregulated from 12th Feb 2003. This is to allow operators and private and public users to set up wireless hot-spots without the need of a 'Wireless Telegraphy Licence'.

See this Press Release

Subject to the antenna, power and bandwidth restrictions, this move may be really good news for those looking at DIY network provision...

And on the subject of Broadband Wireless Access (BWA): The 2.4GHz Industrial-Scientific-Medical (microwave oven) band is already deregulated. The use of this part of the spectrum is not allowed in the provision of commercial networks in the UK.

BWA licences in the 28GHz band for Yorkshire and Humber region were awarded over a year ago to Energis and Your Communications. I am waiting to hear of any service offerings from these two big operators. There is also a third unclaimed licence for the region. Perhaps this confirms the industry is still quite skeptical about how to make money through Broadband Wireless Access.