Wireless Hebden Bridge

From Adam Hopwood
Tuesday, March 11, 2003

While the points made by Mr. O'Leary are well researched and accurate there are a few points which I feel requiring more detail.

With regards to "real world" connection rates with the correct antenna the distances that the 802.11x standards can work at are substantially higher than commonly published. The common distances are stated from a desktop rather than an external Yargi Antenna. As of yet the 802.11g standard has not been ratified and is unlikely to be so before July this year,though the 5Ghz bandwidth has been deregulated.

In respect to security the most cost affective solution and assuming each user would have some type of firewall be it software or hardware would be to use the EAP and WEP encryption and security options built into most quality Access Points.

The largest problem with a network of this size and type assuming everyone who has registered interest in ADSL would want to use the network is administration and support. Administration would and does take a large amount of time and effort. The question arises who is going to be responsible for any technical support. If people are paying for a service they are going to want fast support-help. As this would be a community project this could be very difficult.

For more information on cost have a look at this link.

The best solution is to keep sending letters, email and making phone calls to BT demanding ADSL and do not let them get away with thinking we will simply give and go away.

Having ADSL provided via Hardline is a far better soultion with regards to security, lower latency and higher band width in the future.