Wireless broadband

From Gordon Rimer
Friday, March 21, 2003

I was at the Harcore Wireless seminar yesterday in Harragate organised by Edenfaster and Guy Kewney (who runs a pretty good and well visited website on all things wireless.

I asked two guys from Aramiska, Keith Jagger and Steve Day if we could mesh out from their dishes, ie at Calrec, Justin's and the Trades Club, don't know what the contention ratio would be but the techies can sort that, Rob, a contributor to the discussion and a requirer of broadband, will be speaking to Brian Eccles at Calrec to sort the details.

They told me that their directors were meeting yesterday and this very issue was up for discussion. The upshot is that yes, the deal with Aramiska banned selling on unused bandwidth but they were not averse to giving away and particularly if it was for "fair use", ie not commercial purposes.

So then I had a word with Mark Firth, the team leader for rural broadband at Yorkshire Forward and figured out what the fair use would be. He was at the seminar as well. They have given away 400 broadband connections to SME's (small and medium sized enterprises) across their Yorkshire and Humberside region and after 12 months they'll do a bit of research and come back with a strategy as to how to roll out broadband to SME's across the region.

So, next thing. Locustworlds Mesh acces point boxes at 250 a piece are excellent, I was working with them yesterday. They're based on a version of Linux, which we should support as on open system, We set them up in half an hour in the subsequent workshop, stunning . . . We could probably mesh out up to 30 users from the three dishes we have, possibly more in a morning, yes, in a morning. Suddenly we'd have broadband in Hebden. Great!

What say you that we get together say Monday night at the Trades Club or Justin's and move this matter forward?