Getting people to register interest

From J Wyke
Thursday, April 3, 2003

Now that Hebden Bridge has got a trigger level its vital that we start to spread the news and get enough people to register in order to reach the mammoth level of 500.

While looking at the BT broadband site it took me quite some time to finally find the page which you register your interest at. So i would suggest that everybody starts to hand people the direct url so that they dont get put off by having to find it themselves.

Another thing i found there, was a link to a flyer that could be printed out to raise a bit of interest and would be a good idea if local shops and businesses were to put it up in their windows and hand them out to patrons.

I was also thinking about the possibility of a bit of a big push for getting people to register at the Pace Egg on Good Friday. Some people may, or may not know, but there is Two sets of performers of the Pace Egg. There are the oldie Heptonstall players and then the young, talented Midgley players led by myself as St. George [end shameless advert].

The Heptonstall Players perform solely in Heptonstall, whereas we travel about the valley telling our tale. Anyway, we always get big crowds outside the Post Office by Riverside, and then in the Square, and this could be a perfect opportunity to inform people about registering for broadband. We could even get a computer set up somewhere (maybe at the Trades Club) that would allow people to register their interest for broadband there and then.

This has the possibilities of reaching a lot of people FAST and could really make a big dent in the number of people needed to reach the trigger level.