Helping more people register

From Sam
Friday, April 4, 2003

Hi, I'm currently a Londoner who is shortly moving to this lovely part of the world. My work is currently heavily dependant on broadband. And so I've been doing a bit of reading at , especially their discussion forum on BTwholesale ADSL


There's a lot of interesting discussion on other local campaigns around the country. It looks like it is perfectly OK for us to obtain written consent from users and register on their behalf. Other campaigns seem to have had a lot of quick and legitimate success this way.

Maybe we (I'll be more than happy to help once I'm up there in a few weeks) need to create a form with the details that users need to supply, clear explanation that there is no obligation to take up the service by registering and a consent for them to sign and actively go door-to-door or maybe outside the schools (mums) and the co-op (general shoppers) etc to get the names and then input the registrations ourselves. Just an idea.