Mesh networking event

From Gordon Rimer
Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Edenfaster, Easter weekend mesh radio event Eden Valley North Lancs,

North West Development Agencys (and a UK first) pet wi-fi project backed by 907K for doing the whole valley. Someone from around here should be going. Ive got my nine year old daughter this weekend but it would be good to visit and stay/camp over night or anything. Anyone up for it. . . . .read on

By the way, Lindsay Annison heads up the Edenfaster management team.

Vintage buses and mesh networks
by Lindsey Annison on 11/04/03 - 18:34
Lindsey Annison's blog | 3 comments

Next weekend, Easter, we are going to have a right good go at setting up a mobile mesh network at a vintage vehicle rally. Don't ask why, it was one of those late night ideas! The Locust World guys and gals are coming up to EdenFaster to help us set up the network during next week, which will have a broadband connection out to the Net so visitors to the Eden Classic Vehicle rally in Kirkby Stephen and Brough will be able to surf the Net from buses from the 1930's and 1940's (including some of the Heartbeat ones) as they trundle along. We hope to be able to beam pictures into local cafes from the different rally sites using camera phones and webcams, show the driver's view as they cruise along at 30mph with the cameras they use in Formula 1 cars, and hopefully even stream out live to the Net for all you who can't attend the rally.

Disclaimer: As this has never been done before, the above may be a little ambitious but we'll do our best!!

I will of course be there with my 1966 10 ton Magirus Deutz truck which will be a mobile command unit for the weekend, and hope that we can get people interacting with us online. If anyone has any ideas about things we could do and how to do them, give me a shout, and if you are anywhere near Cumbria, come and see what we achieve.

Also, if you want to sponsor this bizarre idea, we need 1000 to help cover expenses and buy some webcams etc. We'll put your company name on the side of the buses for the whole weekend, and the Beeb will be here to film for the news, as well as a few techie journalists who seem to think it's worth a write up! A great chance for someone to get some very cheap advertising and be associated with EdenFaster, wireless networks etc.