Why BT want 500 from HB but only 200 from Tod

From Patrick Phillips
Thursday, May 1, 2003

Why BT want 500 from HB but only 200 from Tod

Dear Mr. Phillips,

You are assumption is right: the targets are not based on the amount of connections to the exchange. Our targets represent 50% of the amount of customers we need to return our investments on upgrading the exchange within three years.

The costs involved are the ADSL equipment (the DSLAM), but also adaptions that are required to the physical exchange building, such as ventilation, air conditioning etc. The main cost involved however, is upgrading the connection between the exchange and the core network--the backhaul. This requires upgrading to deal with the increased datastreams that will result from widespread broadband use. Backhaul expenses vary widely from exchange to exchange and mainly account for the difference in trigger levels. Taken together, the costs typically range between GBP 200,000 and GBP 500,000.

The Hebden Bridge exchange is more expensive to upgrade than Todmorden and this explains the different trigger levels. The contents of the cost analysis we perform on exchanges are confidential information, so unfortunately I cannot give you more details about this.

Lastly, I would be grateful if you supply me with names of people who suggested the targets were set based on other criteria, so I can contact them and make sure the right information is given out in the future.

If you have any further questions about the pre-registration scheme and the availability of broadband, please don't hesitate to contact me again,


Miranda van de Heijning
BT Wholesale
Broadband Deployment