Hebweb Broadband

Broadband meeting

From Richard
Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Thank you to the organisers of last night's meeting - most encouraging especially for those of us from Mytholmroyd!

As a collective it will strengthen the case to bring broadband benefits to us poor souls wedged at the end of the land line from Halifax and unable to obtain it via BT's Hebden Bridge route.

I agree entirely that the group needs to nail down as many users for the service NOW - BEFORE BT and other ISP's syphon them off, when the service is launched. It is all too easy just to email your ISP or phone provider and say yes! Collective buying power is the key benefit right now.

If the the GVCC virtual ISP can be created quickly it has massive potential.

On my way home I posted the notices of interest through several business letter boxes, but quickly relaised that it isn't enough and has no impact, unless you had attended the meeting.

Can I urge those that can, to generate a marketing leaflet pulling together say 5 key benefits from last nights presentation on one side and a form on the other.

Once we have new contacts signed up and their email addresses keep them informed and on-side

I see no reason why the cooperative couldn't raise 1000 names and business with just a little push from the 60+ people last night. All it needs is a budget for paper and ink and shoe leather !