Hebweb Broadband

Sounds like a good idea....

From Mark Campbell
Thursday, May 22, 2003

I have waited a long time to see broadband come to the valley, and after the exchange in Mytholmroyd was rebuilt and news was spreading down from each side of exchanges being activated I thought our time had come. Hopefully with the help of this community we can get people online like they should be with the bandwidth to do whatever they want.

However there is a worry in my mind about the community isp that is proposed. Running a good isp is not easy, BT struggle to keep their services running smoothly on a good day. So I must wonder if we can do a better job. Money is the main issue of course. Investment into quality and quantity of servers is needed so that contention ratios do not get out of hand and broadband is 'broad'. Will people be willing to pay more per month if needed, even when there are quality isps out there (adslguide.org.uk to find them)?

If the isp can offer a full and reliable service then it is a good idea, but otherwise maybe an alternative solution could be thought of (such as a partnership with a reliable isp). And first, the Calder Valley exchange needs to be activated as some of us are still sat here with dial-up and little hope.