Hebweb Broadband

Why we need our own ISP

  1. We are a not-for-profit company - any surplus we generate will be ploughed back into reducing costs and improving services.
  2. We are likely to be at the cheaper end of the broadband provision market, if not as cheap as you can get! Our ultimate goal would be to get the whole community connected for as close to free as we can manage!
  3. Because we are our own ISP we can switch to better technologies as they become available and as soon as people want them - no more waiting for the 'next generation' broadband as we have done this time.
  4. We can provide a unique local community - for support, for advice, for services such as local digital radio, joint purchasing, home delivery of shopping, business to business co-operation etc.
  5. We can provide a much safer and more secure environment for local children to use Internet technologies such as messaging and email to each other than any external ISP.
  6. As a not-for-profit company we can act as a 'channel' for grant aid to fund digitally led community initiatives and services such as education and communications - the possibilities here are massive.
  7. The unique channel we can provide can help local businesses develop local services that local people really want and benefit from.