Hebweb Broadband


This is the first draft of the Global Valley faq, posted Tuesday, June 3, 2003

Q. Will Global Valley offer differing levels of service (and price) to businesses?
A.Yes, different bandwidth for larger firms will be available. We hope to be able to provide static ISPs for those who require it.

Q. Will I have to change my email address, and all my stationery?
A. Many ISPs offer a forwarding system. Unfortunately, some do not. Businesses are encouraged to have a domain name and then they can change their ISP without any disruption to their email.

Q. Will it be up and running before the enablement of the exchange?
A. Yes, that is a priority

Q. Will I be able access my email when away in this country or abroad?
We will advise people who need it how to access their mail from a web browser on any computer.

Q. Will the ISP be able to cope with different operating systems? BT Openworld is not good with Macs.
A. Yes. This is essential. There are a variety different operating systems being used in this area - a larger proportion than usual have Macs.

Q. Will you buy broadband wholesale from BT?
A. This is how most ISPs provide their service and we hope to do the same.

Q. Who will administer the provision of the ISP?
A. Initially, we will apply for start-up funds to pay for the administration (could be contracted out, or not). Eventually we aim to carry out administration ourselves paid for by income

Q. What about the contention ratio? i.e. the more people use it, the slower it will get.
A. The cooperative will make sure it is the same as the major ISPs.

Q. Speed is 10X for download, what is it for upload? A. About 5X that for dialup. Can't guarantee a particular speed and the cooperative will push for ever-improving standards. We will be as good as any other ISP - almost certainly better.

Q. Do we need to buy equipment or install anything physically in order to be an ISP?
A. No we will be a virtual ISP (like most of the other ISPs)

Q. Is there anyone who can give legal advice on data protection, legal requirements etc?
A. There are those in the group with contacts who should be able to make sure that all legal rights are covered, and insured.

Q. How can we get broadband in Mytholmroyd?
A. Campaigning (which has been successful in HB), piggybacking from HB (apparently cheaper to enable a neighbouring exchange), wireless might be an alternative. The cooperative is committed to bringing broadband to the M'royd area by whatever means is available. All agreed that Hebdenroyd is a cohesive area. The Mytholmroyd Net is leading the campaign.

Q. How will the setup be funded?
A. We are looking for seed funding, based on the constitution and a business plan. Funding bodies might include Yorkshire Forward (and Rural Development Association)

Q. Who can join the cooperative?
A. Individuals and individuals who represent companies, but no corporate membership for organisations/companies. One company can have many members. The more members of the cooperative, the more chance of funding

Q. What skills are needed for the running of the ISP and who has these skills?
A. Anyone who registers an interest will be put on a email list and we can collect information about what skills people have and how much they want to be involved.

Q. What about wireless alternatives?
A. Wireless is a developing technology and may eventually take over from fixed lines. For the moment, the group is concentrating on using the traditional fixed line infrastructure, with the possibility of extending to wireless at a subsequent stage.