Festival events

Saturday June 29

Memory Place Change – an Adult Creative Workshop
Arts in the Turret, Machpelah Works (top),
Burnley Road, Hebden Bridge
10.00am to 5.00pm (lunch break 1.00pm-2.00pm)
£15 (places limited, so booking essential)
Interested in the changes Hebden Bridge has undergone? Do you imagine the stories and memories within this town? Work with us to produce a piece of artwork using found objects, maps, photographs and text. A short walk around Hebden is included. No experience necessary. ‘Verd De Gris Art & Design’ have produced art projects over the last 8 years in England and Ireland.

Storytelling for all the Family
Hebden Bridge Little Theatre,
Holme Street, Hebden Bridge
11.00am to 12 noon
£2 children; adults free – on the door
Stories performed by Christine McMahon, a brilliant local storyteller. Enjoy the fun of listening to stories for children of all ages. Hear about monsters, heroes and heroines, maybe ghosts and strange animals. This is an event for all the family.

Food in Paint? Show Us How!
Hourglass Studio Gallery
11.30am to1.00pm
£4 (or £7 for 2 siblings) – on the door
A workshop for unaccompanied children of 7 to 12. Come along and draw and paint the food you like best, with Jean and John.<

Bourbon Street Roof-Raisers
Around town
Popular entertainers with their own blend of jazz classics and popular tunes played in a ‘traditional’ or ‘dixieland’ style. They have appeared throughout the country at Steam Rallies, County Shows and Carnivals and guarantee to keep your feet tapping.

Lunchtime Recital - ‘Parade!’
with Roger Scaife and David Nelson (piano duet)
Heptonstall Parish Church
£3 (£2); £1 for under 16s – on the door
A programme of piano duets by Eric Satie, including Trois Morceaux en forme d’un poire, Parade and La Belle Excentrique (Fantaisie Sérieuse).

Picture This
Hebden Bridge Little Theatre,
Holme Street, Hebden Bridge
4.00pm to 5.00pm
£3 (£2)
Well known themes from stage and screen music; dance and drama pieces performed by youngsters from the Calder Valley

The Hepton Singers’ Festival Concert
Heptonstall Parish Church
£6 ( £4); £1 for full time students
The Hepton Singers, the local chamber choir established in Heptonstall 30 years ago, will be performing, under the direction of Roger Scaife, two major works in this year’s concert: Benjamin Britten’s Sacred and Profane and David Nelson’s recent work Songs for Orpheus, for which the choir will be joined by several jazz musicians and some members of Cragg Vale Gamelan.

Under Desert Stars: dance & storytelling
Hebden Bridge Little Theatre,
Holme Street, Hebden Bridge
From the Bedouin, the dwellers in the black tents – the clash between passion and social codes, and the struggle for survival in the pure, harsh spaces of the desert. And in contrast, lust and trickery from the Arabian Nights. Traditional tales told by Kelvin Hall interwoven with shimmering, enthralling, swirling Arab dance from Hazel Kayes.

The Ben Crosland Quartet
Canalside Gallery, Machpelah Works,
Burnley Road, Hebden Bridge
£5 (£4)
Hot summer night jazz from a great ensemble featuring the outstanding talent of highly acclaimed trumpeter Steve Waterman. The band combines attacking fire with a cooler European sensibility, a sense of dynamics with a sense of fun.

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