Hebden Bridge Arts Festival

Wednesday 5th July

Peter J Murray

Picture House, New Road, Hebden Bridge

10.00am (to 12 noon approx)
1.00pm (to 3.00pm approx)

£5.50 (£2.50)

School bookings: for details ring 01422 842684

Peter J Murray is the author of a trilogy of books about a seven-foot spooky, mysterious figure called Mokee Joe. Two years ago Peter gave up his teaching job to self-publish the Mokee Joe books. His books started to fly off the shelves, and then a major publisher took him up. Peter won the 2004 Sheffield Children's Book Award for Mokee Joe is Coming, the first of the trilogy. His latest book, Bonebreaker, is a spooky story about a Viking ghost - perfect for all Key Stage 2 children.


Novocento (1900)


Little Theatre, Holme Street, Hebden Bridge

8.00pm (to 10.00pm approx)

£10 (£8)

written by Alessandro Baricco, translated by Joseph Farrell, directed by Patrick Sandford, and performed by Mike Maran, with music by Dave Milligan

On the first day of a brand new century a baby boy is found under the grand piano of an ocean liner. He grows up in the belly of the boat, hidden from the eyes of the world. Until one day he strays into the first-class ballroom and captivates astonished onlookers with his dazzling piano playing . . . And so begins the story of an extraordinary man called '1900', the best piano player in the world. A sweeping romantic myth set again the background of the ¥rst half of the 20th century, the story swings to the rhythms of original music from award-winning jazz pianist Dave Milligan, and unfolds with all the passion and charm Mike Maran packs into his performances.

In association with Lighthouse, Poole and The Nuffield,

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