Hebden Bridge Arts Festival 2001


Fair Play during the afternoon of Saturday 16th June…..

These intergalactic hedonists are two space rangers sent by the intergalactic police force to hunt down dangerous aliens believed to be on earth, probably in the Hebden Bridge area.

Unfortunately the pair seem to have forgotten their original mission and have become addicted to their mind probes (fantastic head massaging tools) and the pleasure that comes from reading the human mind. Dressed in their best uniforms they cruise the country on Standard Astro Buggies, which most humans mistake for 1950’s children’s bumper cars.

And on the afternoon of Sunday 17th June Circus Fudge introduces Captain Clueless, the world’s stupidest pirate. He thought the card in the job centre said juggler. Now he wanders the seven seas, outdoor events and the odd shopping centre or two in search of his lost treasure of smuggled gold. Accompanied by his repetitive puppet parrot (easy for you to say), this 9ft. tall peg-leg stilt pirate will be mingling with the Hebden Bridge crowds on the lookout for new deck swabbers and galley slaves.

Come along to spectate, or better still join in the fun! Any impromptu "performances" will be most welcome. Alternatively call Andi on 842298 to discuss appearing in street events during the festival.