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MaiaMaia are a four piece alternative, acoustic band from Huddersfield playing all sorts of disco sci-fi folk pop on ukulele, cajon, trumpet, banjo, mandolin or whatever else is lying around! What is disco sci-fi folk pop? Well Maia invented it and they can’t describe it any better than to say ‘have a listen’. They have to be heard - and seen - rather than described.

Their second album - an astro-acoustic affair - is mixed and mastered and should be released between these words being written and the run up to Folk Roots 2012, so check out their music on line.  

Folk Roots artistic director Dave Boardman came across Maia when he was part of a team running the North Sea Stage at Musicport two years ago. ‘I thought I’d just introduce these young lads and then go off for a well earned break’, he said. ‘Then they started playing and I realized immediately I’d found my newest favourite band!’

Website Maia, the Band

Youtube Maia play Fossil Minds at The Trades Club as part of the November 2011 Hebden Bridge Folk Roots