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Football On The Bowling Green

Posted by Peter Ford
Friday, March 24, 2006

For decades the bowling green on Hebden Bridge (Calder Holmes) park was a perfect carpet of green one respectfully did not even walk upon unless playing bowls. Well not any more.

The bowling green has been adopted by the local youth and turned into a five a side pitch.

On numerous occasions I have seen people, some wearing football boots playing football on the green. The result is the green has now become a scorched brown patch of mud.

The condition of the green will probably go unnoticed until the bowling season starts in coming weeks. By then I fear the green will probably be one of the worst in the local area.

I am an avid football fan and love nothing more than having a kick around but surely even the most slow witted footballer would know not to play football on a bowling green?

The decision to play on the green may be more understandable if there was simply nowhere else to play but there is a full size pitch on the same park.

The situation with the the bowling green simply reflects an overall lack of thought and respect by sections of the local youth.

Posted by Oscar
Saturday, March 25, 2006

Peter, yes this has been noted as an issue on other occasions.

On the 12th March I posted a notice to this site to "Meet the Local Police". I was very pleased to attend the meeting with only six other people. I assumed, therefore, that Hebden Bridge was free of crime and anti-social behaviour.

As a direct result of posts to this website (see Anti Social Behaviour... grrrrrr... July 2005) we're attempting to initiate some inclusive community projects to resolve some of the issues that have been raised. However, if issues aren?t raised then we?re unable to address them.

Its early days, things are happening
so watch this space!

Posted by Danny
Saturday, March 25, 2006

Oscar - are you a local police officer, or just involved in helping to set up the meetings?

As a police officer myself (who grew up in Hebden, but now live many miles away), I have found that local meetings are occasionally very useful, but that very often it is difficult for many people to attend (for transport, mobility, childcare or work reasons amongst others). They are also not a forum that some groups of people are interested in attending at all.

Does West Yorkshire Police have an online crime or incident reporting facility, or a non-emergency incident reporting number? I'm sure it does. If so, here is the place to let people know.

Do the local community beat officers have personal email addresses or telephone mailboxes on which they can be contacted?

What times are there staff available at the local police office for people to talk face-to-face?

Does the local community beat officer hold a regular surgery for people to meet her/him confidentially? Are there set times where officers visit local areas, or do you have mobile police stations for community contact?

Are local officers available to visit schools and other groups? (I certainly remember meeting PCs Ball and Birmingham when I was a teenager in the 1980s)

Finally - is there a local mediation/restorative justice scheme in which the local police are involved? In my belief that would be a good way to start work on issues where there is more common ground between 'opposing' groups and individuals than might appear to be the case at first sight.

Sorry to throw out a load of questions - but one of the things that has depressed me as a police officer is the widespread perception that the police are remote and not part of the community which they are there to serve.

Demystifying the police - making ourselves visible and easy to contact - is the first and most important way we can address this problem.


Posted by Nicola
Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Agree with Peter et al, but Danny's point is well made. I'd seen the notice about the local meeting and would have loved to attend, but actually don't get home form work until 18:45 and so couldn't physically make it to the meeting. I would think it was a difficult time for most, certainly anyone with kids, with meals to prepare etc. I don't know what the answer is, perhaps a weekend, daytime meeting? But just because we didn't get to the meeting doesn't mean we're not interested or complacent that others are dealing with this, I've personally entered into the debate on here re local issues, contacted my local MP and police to try and work towards resolving some of these issues.