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Linden Mill Woods

Posted by Simon Allen
Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Some interesting detail in the officers report on the Linden Mill development. Have you noticed these points.

12. The development shall not begin nor shall any construction materials, plant or machinery be brought onto the site until a chestnut paling fence of a minimum 1 metre height or such other fencing as may otherwise be agreed in writing by the Local Planning Authority, has been erected in a continuous length at least 1 metre beyond the outer edge of the crown spread of the retained trees. This fencing shall be retained until the completion of the development and no materials, plant or equipment shall be stored, no bonfires shall be lit nor any building or excavation works of any kind shall take place within the protective fencing.

13. Excavations in respect of the dwellings and access walkways where such works are beneath the crown spread of the trees shall be hand dug only (ie, no mechanical plant, tools or equipment shall be used in respect of such excavations).

If these were enforced would it not be almost impossible to actually build these houses.

Posted by Tim
Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Your probably right Simon, considering the near continuous canopy cover in the woods. It behooves us all to report all breaches of these conditions to the relevant authorities.

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