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Posted by Matt
Tuesday, July 4, 2006

As some comments on the discussion board are often of a negative, complaining nature, I just wanted to add something a bit more upbeat.

I have recently discovered the joys of Biodiesel! I could rant for hours about the virtues, but there are plenty of resources on the web that are far better informed than I am, but in summary:

  • harmful emissions are drastically reduced in comparrison to 'regular' diesel or petrol (eg. 78% reduction in CO2)
  • the money generally stays in the local community rather than lining the pockets of the Republican Party Ltd.
  • my car's consumption has noticeably improved
  • it is apparently better for your engine
  • many users report an improvement in engine performance
  • it uses up second hand cooking oil, and therefore is recycling waste
  • It's 86p per litre! I save around 5-6 every time I fill up, and that's not accounting for the improved mpg.

There is a Biodiesel station in Hebden Bridge on Valley Road, just past the medical centre on the right. It is called Hebden Bridge Bio Fuels. For the above reasons alone, I would highly recommend those with diesel engines to check it out.

(ps - there is a small amount of negative press about Biodiesel relating to the plantations of palm and rape seed in environmentally sensitive areas around the world. Although this may be valid, it does not apply to the Hebden Bridge filling station, as they apparently only use recycled cooking oil).

Posted by John Thomas
Tuesday, July 4, 2006

I too use bio diesel from the same source Matt, I run an escort diesel van on it. It's great to know you are helping the environment and not some greedy oil producer.

The only thing I would say though is make sure that it doesn't invalidate your warranty, some car manufacturers are funny about it. Generally the ones with shares in oil companies!!! Though there are some real reasons for it too. As mentioned below.

Some common rail diesels don't run too well on it either. If you have any doubts about whether you can run on it or not, just ask down at Hebden Bridge bio fuels. They are very helpful and won't give you any bad advice just for the sake of a sale.

On a final note, don't you just love the smell of chicken wings as you drive along!!

Posted by Adam B
Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Thanks for this, very interesting reading! I've wondered about Bio-Diesel before but I wasn't certain how good it is for your engine or where to get it (for those whom it may concern there is a BioDiesel station on the A64 to the east of York on the south side of the road. I think it was about 46p / litre a couple of years ago!). A friend of mine swore by it.

I'll ask at the place in Hebden Bridge, any warranty on my vehicle expired sometime in the last century. The smell of chicken wings might be a pleasent change to thethe stench of gasoline and burning clutch which is sometimes stronger than it should be :-)

Posted by Tim Moon
Monday, August 28, 2006

I'm glad some people are having luck with the bio doesel, but I've yet to find one person whose car has not had expensive damage done by using it. My Series 1 Discovery cost £500 to put right all the problems caused by just 1/2 a tank of the stuff. I know of three other Discovery owners who have had to have engine replacements after using it. I know of others, driving a variety of marques, who have had expensive repairs after using the fuel.

My problem is that we need to develop these environmentally friendly fuels and places like this give the whole movement a bad name.

I too have used eco diesel from around Scarborough, but this is a mix of 5% bio to 95% carbon, as all fuel will be by law in a very short time.

Posted by John Thomas
Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Its like I said Tim some of the modern diesels dont like bio-diesel, I wouldn't advise anybody to just go and stick it in without doing plenty of research on whether your vehicle is ok to run on it. I personally run with a 50 to 70 percent mix of biodiesel to normal diesel {30% diesel} and it runs fine. My vehicle is a Ford Escort van 1.8d.

I mostly researched on whether or not I could run on it via the internet. A lot will say you can use normal vegetable oil, but this will damage your engine so don't do it.

The main issue with using bio-diesel is the viscosity {i.e it's slighty thicker than normal diesel.} so it could either damage your pump, especially if it is made by Lucas. Or the other problem that could arise is that it can make your engine management switch to safe mode, because some of the sensors cant work out why the viscosity has changed.

The main rule I have noticed in general is that the older cars tend to run better on it. As there is less electronics and complicated injection systems.

If you have any doubts at all, ask your car dealership as to whether you can or not.

But the one thing I definitely would say is. don't have a go at Hebden Fuels, they are forerunners at this stage and it is like anything, over time things become refined. enevitably there will be problems, but man didnt go into space without problems did he?

Anyway, Tim hope this helps.

Posted by Tim Moon
Thursday, August 31, 2006

My Discovery isn't new, I know the Series 3 can't run on it, it's a 1993 Series 1 with the 2.5Tdi engine which is not modern.

My friends who have had problems with it have even older cars. I agree, caveat emptor, do your research first. I did, and dipped my toe in at other bio-diesel pumps with no problem.

I suppose the argument of those who have had problems is that there should be more verbal warnings before you put it in your car, all anyone has had is that you may need to change the fuel filter a few times.

As I say, I want to use green fuel and look forward to the further development.

Posted by HB Bio Fuels
Sunday, September 3, 2006

We would be grateful if Mr Moon would contact Hebden Bridge Bio Fuels during office hours on 01422 843558 to resolve this matter, rather than making remarks on this website.

According to our records, Mr Moon purchased a small amount of Biodiesel on 4th August 2006. We have had no complaints from any other customers who purchased Biodiesel from the same batch, which suggests that Mr Moon may have already had contaminated fuel or water in his tank which reacts adversely with Biodiesel. Such a small amount of Biodiesel would be unlikely to cause problems, unless the tank already contained contaminated fuel.

If Mr Moon had made us aware of the problem and given us a sample of the fuel in his tank, we could have performed various tests to determine the root of the problem. Should any of our customers have any problems, we recommend they contact us and provide us with a sample.

We have invested many thousands of pounds in machinery and a laboratory to ensure our Biodiesel meets the European Standard EN14214. Every single batch now gets tested to ensure it is of the highest possible quality.

At present, we are not even close to breaking even at the prices we charge. We thank all of those people who support our project, which is not only beneficial to the environment, but also to the local economy.

We are only a small local firm in its very first stages and we need all of the support we can get, if we want to remain trading.

We are happy to provide customers with all of the information they require. Please feel free to call in and ask for more information, or call the number above. Alternatively, we hope to have the website up and running within the next fortnight which will provide you with all of the information you will need to know. You will be able to access the website at www.hebdenbiofuel.co.uk.

We do hope that the negative comments posted on this site do not put you off trying our environmentally friendly fuel in the future.

Posted by Judy Dulson
Sunday, September 10, 2006

I have been using biofuel from Hebden Bridge for aproximately 4 months and have had no problems so far with my car, a two year old Suzuki Vitara. Speaking to my dealership, they say there is no known reason for not using this fuel. So far so good, many thanks to Hebden Biofuels!

Posted by Gwyn Wardman
Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I have a four month old Skoda Fabia 1.9TDi which I have run on biodiesel for the last three months(purchased from Hebden biofuels) and have had no problems with the engine or performance.

I am very pleased that I can be more environmentally friendly and save money!

From Simon Duncan
Saturday, 11 November 2006

I too happily ran my Citroen Picasso Desire (2003) on biodiesel from Hebden Bridge biofuels - topped up by fossil diesel now and again. Until 2nd November 2006 that is. This seemed to be dud fuel - as later transpired the mix had separated out into oil/ fat; the latter completely clogged a new fuel filter in 10 miles and knocked out the fuel pump! Towing and extensive repair.

I have tried to talk to Hebden biofuels about this problem, but they seem to have shut up shop and their phone is unanswered!

Posted by John Thomas
Sunday, 26 November 2006

Anybody found out why Hebden Biofuels is closed?

From John Beacroft-Mitchell
Monday, 27 November 2006

In the classifieds/notices in the Courier last week was a notice that Hebden Bridge Bio Fuels Limited had gone into administration.

Companies House confirms this: