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Local awards

Posted by Joseph
Monday, July 10, 2006

I like this forum, but am a little downhearted at the level of negativity... We live in this town that most of us are actually quite proud of, and yet our forum is just a tiny bit grumbly.

In the interest of half full glasses across the valley has anyone got anything to add to the following entirely spurious and distinctly arbitrary awards for local excellence.

Best Pint... Fox & Goose invariably. But there are a good few about.

Best Pint outside with a nice view on a summers eve.... is it called Lane Ends up on the edge of old town?

Favorite Short Stroll... depends on your definition of short but almost certainly up to the Blue Pig along the river.

Best Market Stall... the young couple who do fish on a Thursday. Great fish, really friendly, really fresh.

Best Service... Oasis, outstanding. Closely followed by the united friendlies at Mooch.

Best night of the year....Bonfire Night- well done Round Tablers.

Gig I'd wished I gone to see and didn't Paul Daley. Was he any good?

................anyone else?

Posted by Jack Hughes
Tuesday, July 11, 2006

A few more;

Best 'greasy spoon' caff - Ken's Cabin Cafe (back to its former glory)

Best pub grub - The White Swan (cheap, too)

Best night's entertainment - The Open Mic Surgery, every Wednesday above The Stubbing Wharf

Best walk - up the Colden Valley to Jack Bridge, pick your own wild garlic on the way

Best supermarket - Lidl, Todmorden

Posted by Andrew Hall
Wednesday, July 12, 2006

  • Best Pint... Fox & Goose generally, New Delight (now brewing their own beer and a testament to local people who resisted the place being turned into a private house and put their money where their mouthes were)
  • Best Pint outside with a nice view on a Summers eve: The Pack Horse (or Ridge) at Widdop. I was very sorry to hear that one of those fine Golden Retrievers was run over in the car park a few weeks ago.
  • Favorite Short Stroll... up the Colden Valley, ending at the New Delight where an hourly bus service can take you back down into town (or the Fox!)
  • Best Market Stall... don't use the market any more as it's easier to shop elsewhere. Max Crossley in Halifax market is hard to beat for fruit and veg.
  • Best Service... Evensong at York Minster. An emotional and spiritual high, whatever your religious conviction.
  • Best night of the year....midsummer
  • Best supermarket...yes, definitely LIDL. How do they do it?
  • Gig I'd wished I gone to see and didn't: Rick Wakeman at the Piece Hall a few years ago.

Posted by Graham Barker
Friday, July 14, 2006

What about best shop? I'd nominate Bonsalls for the top two places, followed by Oasis. I'd disqualify any shop that opened after 9.00am. Worst shop? Hmmm...