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Plastic recycling

Posted by Anne
Monday, February 6, 2006

Just wondered if you all knew that you can recycle plastic bottles at the tip at Eastwood, Todmorden.

It's only bottles - they are a different kind of plastic from the hard plastic, apparently - but it's a start. Calderdale don't seem to have advertised the fact very widely.

I pop down there quite frequently because there are quite a few things they recycle that Kerbside don't collect - cardboard, clothes, shoes, electrical goods, gardening waste, and now plastic bottles - so it's worth saving them up for next time I travel to Tod.

Posted by Ben
Tuesday, February 7, 2006

It is a start, Anne - the skip has been there for some time.

It is a shame though that there is no provision for the recycling of other hard plastics.

I used to save such stuff and take it with me on regular trips to East Yorkshire until I was told that it just ended up in landfill as it couldn't be processed.

Does anyone know the nearest place which will accept "non-bottle" hard plastics for recycling?