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Victoria Road Old Chimney

Posted by Tamsin Carr
Thursday, October 26, 2006

I felt sad to see that the beautiful base of the chimney of the old Foster Mill had been removed by the developers, and I was wondering if it was necessary as it was right in the corner of the site and not in the way of building houses. It is 'signposts' of the past like this that give Hebden Bridge some of its character.

I was wondering if the History Society knew that it had been removed, and if they had any power in getting it put back, like the stone setts by Packhorse Bridge?

Posted by Mike Riches
Thursday, October 26, 2006

From what I've heard several residents of Spring Grove complained when the developers first attempted to remove the chimney and it was given a stay of execution.

Sadly no reprieve was forthcoming and it is now a sorry looking pile of rubble on the site itself. It says a lot about the lack of imagination and petty mindedness of the developers not to incorporate the chimney into their original design but it's hardly surprising.

They also cut down every one of the trees on the site that were supposed to be retained, all of which were clearly marked according to the plans submitted to the Planning Department.

Still, the ghost of Foster Mill may have the last laugh with the culvert now so conspicuously re-discovered. They should have called in Time Team for some expert advice!