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Happy Christmas to everyone

Posted by Rev Tony Buglass
Sunday, 24 December 2006

Whether you like the effigies or not, whether you wanted Ladbrokes or not, whatever you think of the yellow brick road, and whether or not you'll be singing carols with us in the Square in a couple of hours from now (as I write) - I wish you all a wonderful Christmas, and every blessing in the New Year.

May the season be all you need it to be, and may you find peace and purpose. And lots of interesting and positive things to talk about on Hebweb!

From Molly
Sunday, 24 December 2006

Thank you Rev. Tony for your Greetings and may yours be also a Happy Christmas and a Healthy & Peaceful 2007. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Hebweb for keeping us all informed of what is going on in the Calder Valley. We are very fortunate in having such a wonderful site to air our views on the various subjects which are open for discussion throughout the year. The Calder Valley is a wonderful place in which to live and I feel very fortunate to be part of it. Happy Christmas everyone.

Posted by Rev Tony Buglass
Thursday, 28 December 2006

I'd just like to comment on the news report about the carol singing in the square. This was the first time in Lord how many years that it wasn't organised by Rev Stanley Kirby. He told us most things just happened - we've found that most things do in fact need to be helped to happen. Howard Pask and I met earlier in the week to draw up what we thought would be a suitable list of carols and work out a running order. On the night, two things happened. First, someone suggested not singing all the verses of the carols, so we started off with about three verses in each. Daft idea - we rapidly discovered that folk wanted to sing. Second thing was that the band played at a heck of a lick, so we were going through our programme much faster than we expected. So we chose some more.

That's when Father John Gott suggested 'Happy Birthday, Jesus' to finish. Well, yes, I thought it was a touch cheesy, too, but on the other hand, that is the reason we were there. Without his birthday, there'd be no carols. Whatever earlier or later pagan accretions there are to the festival, the centre of gravity is the birth of Jesus. So we make no apology for celebrating it.

It was a great evening - got my voice properly warmed up for the two services I did after that. Several folk have commented to me in the last few days what a great atmosphere there was. We'll do a debrief, and see what lessons there will be to learn for next year. And we'll celebrate his birthday all over again!

Posted by Jason Boom
- ECW Hebden Royd Town Council
Tuesday, 2 January 2007

I did not attend but judging by the photo on the Heb weds home page it looked to be a great night. Good luck for the next attempt. I must agree that a little planning does go a long way, things just don't happen.