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What is my postcode?

Posted by Daniel Sutcliffe

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

For as long as I have owned my house, 10 years, I have used the postcode HX7 8AJ, as did the previous owner. I have now been told this is not correct and this refers to just a number of houses on Commercial Street.

My house is not on Commercial street, it is the solitary home overlooking the town centre next to the old Spear & Jackson mill. As far as I know that cobbled lane does not have a name, I've just used "off Commercial Street", but perhaps it once did as I know that a long time ago there was a small row of terraces on the bit of land between the S&J mill and Commercial Street.

Any information or history on this area would be gratefully received - unfortunately I'm out of the country at the moment so don't have the best access to do research.

Posted by Diana Monahan

Thursday, February 23, 2006

I am a member of Hebden Bridge Local History and will check at the meeting tonight if anyone else knows your street, but I think the row of houses at the bottom was Green Row and the street up from there was Union Street. It is not listed in the postcodes for this area. (Only Union Street in Todmorden).

Union Street might have been given its name by the Co-operative Society, however there is a listing for Union Street in the 1845 Walker's Directory of the Parish of Halifax with the following

  • Lewis Crabtree Stone mason
  • Charles O'Neil boot and shoe maker no 7
  • William Pickles Boot and shoe maker.
  • 1874/76 rates book has William Crossley Cockcroft.

Union Street was where the catholic church was located before a building was constructed at Fairfield.

Posted by Jan
Monday, February 27, 2006

I'm pretty sure the S & J building was the old Catholic Church. Cragg Vale Gamelan used to rehearse there many years ago and I recall that we were tickled that it was another connection (though acquired through a different route). Father John had been enormously helpful to us, finding us 2 other rehearsal spaces and allowing us to practice at the Good Shepherd from time to time.

Posted by Daniel Sutcliffe
Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Thanks for those that posted here and emailed me ... it appears that Primrose Cottage currently doesn't have a real post code. All my investigation suggests that it should be HX7 8B something and not the HX7 8AJ that I have been using - I'm currently working with Calderdale Names & Numbers dept to get a post code and maybe even get the little cobbled lane named back to Union Street.

I'd love to see some old photos, maps or plans of this area as it sounds like it was once quite a thriving bit of Hebden Bridge - maybe if the mill buildings ever get converted into flats (there is planning permission) it will be a busy place again. It's been an awesome place to live.