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Lee Mill Road

Posted by Rob
Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Having concreted over just about every piece of green on Midgehole Road the developers have now cast their voracious eyes on Lee Mill Road. An application has been submitted for a house 'adjacent to Craigside, Midgehole Road'. The development is not adjacent to Craigside but is in front of Craigside, adjacent to Glen Garry. Access and all building works will be from Lee Mill Road. this will be achieved by pulling down the retaining walls on the uphill side of Lee Mill Road and digging in to the hillside. The access problems and damage to road and retaining walls, including a realistic fear of collapse of the road are obviously of great concern to the residents of Lee Mill Road. However, in addition to the residents, many other people use Lee Mill Road. It is a popular dog walk and attractive approach to the Craggs. If this application is granted it is reasonable to assume the whole wooded section of Lee Mill road will soon be developed and another green space consumed.

If you wish to add your objection to those of the Lee Mill Road residents please write to

Chief Planning Officer
Northgate House

Ref 07/00154/FUL

Deadline is 2nd March. 2007

(Or comment/object online from the Hebweb's Planning Watch page - webmaster)