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From Tom Standfield
Friday, 16 March 2007

For as long as I can remember, people have parked outside the Post Office just while they nip in with their parcels and letters. Generally, this hasn't been abused too much as far as I can see.

This afternoon, I had just posted a large parcel and was driving away when a Traffic Warden called me over. He explained I wasn't allowed to park outside the Post Office. I explained that we had always done this, and asked where else we could park when we are delivering large parcels. He was reasonable enough, didn't book me and explained that it was all different now parking was no longer under the police.

I live near enough to the centre of Hebden Bridge to walk to the Post Office whenever I can and make a point never driving into Holme Street when the Riverside is coming out. What about those who live too far away to walk, those who can't walk because they are disabled, those whose packages are too heavy to be carried, or when the weather would destroy whatever we wish to send?

Local businesses will certainly suffer if no parking outside the post office is enforced. So will the post office. Maybe, that's the plan.

From Tim
Saturday, 17 March 2007

But its double yellow lines outside the post office - no parking at any time! If you think this isn't appropriate contact the Council.

From John Thomas
Saturday, 17 March 2007

It is just another case of trying to kill off Hebden Bridge as a place to shop or do business.

Due to the ridiculous parking measures and draconian traffic light and crossing points now imposed on Hebden Bridge, I try to go elsewhere whenever possible.

With regard to the disabled being able to park outside the post office though, they have orange badges and would be allowed to park there.

Anyway summing up, I would advise anybody that can, to avoid Hebden Bridge like the plague. As it is the grip of a locust like council who just want to suck every last penny out of your pocket.

From Rev Tony Buglass
Sunday, 18 March 2007

Tim is quite right, there are double yellow lines outside the PO, and they've been there a long time. IIRC, that allows 3 minutes for unloading, but parking with flshing hazard lights or a disabled badge is still illegal. The explanatory notes which come with the disabled badge do explain that it doesn't permit illegal parking.

Tom was fortunate to meet a human traffic warden, who exercised common-sense in the situation. Had he been a jobsworth, he could have legitimately issued a ticket. The double yellow lines are there for a purpose - there is an exit directly opposite the PO, a number of carparking bays, and lane exits beside the Little Theatre and Trades Club; parking on the double yellow lines can obstruct traffic moving in and out of those exits and bays, can obscure the view of drivers trying to manoeuvre, and put people (especially school-children) at risk.

I take the point about heavy parcels, but that is not an insuperable problem - get someone to help!

John, I'm sorry, but I don't share your anger or agree with your target. I like easy and convenient parking as much as the next driver, but we don't own the place, and it needs to be run for the safety and convenience of everyone, not just those with wheels.

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