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Farmer's market

Posted by Kevin
Tuesday, 24 April 2007

The farmers market what a great asset to the town. We enjoy going to look round and buy, but why is it crammed in to the car park when surely those spaces could be used especially on a Sunday.

We now have this whole pedestrian area which surely the market could be situated on. I understand we need to have access to the area but when the cafes have there tables and chairs out there is still access or was this the plan just to get more money from the cafes for using the area, and not use the area at all for things that could be good for Hebden Bridge.

The farmers' market is great and if it continues hopefully more traders would join in and make it bigger and in time become very well known. We now have all that space, let's use it.

From Dave
Thursday, 26 April 2007

Very good point Kevin.

An even better idea would be to move the farmers market to the canal marina. That way, Lees Yard could have its much needed car parking back, the cafes etc in the square would not be disrupted, there would be tons more space, and cars that are passing through Hebden Bridge would spot something worth stopping for.

We could also have a monthly craft market there. There's loads of people in the upper valley who make their craft items - why not give them an outlet for them. It was recently claimed in the media that Hebden Bridge is the 4th funkiest place on the planet. Its a claim I'm not sure the town can currently fully validate.

Hebden is becoming a little myopic, centring around the square, and the recent spending has only magnified that. It's time we spread the town out a little.