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Wheelie Bins

From Patricia Brewster
Friday, 17 August 2007

For years now I have been approaching local councillors asking when we are going to get wheelie bins in Calderdale to do away with the enormous number of black plastic sacks issued every week by the bin men. I have been told that there are no plans to do so due to difficulty in access! We must be the last place on earth to use plastic bags! Huddersfield residents now have two each - one green and one black - how are their hills and snickets any different to ours?

Perhaps when you've achieved your present objective you'd like to consider crusading for Wheelies?

Posted by Robert Collins
Friday, 17 August 2007


If you were to come to my house, you could see for yourself that there is nowhere to store two wheelie bins; there is no pavement on the single-track uphill hairpin corner where our terraced row meets the road. Hence nowhere to put four houses' worth of wheelie bins out for collection.

I see insane rules in some areas, where there is a two-hour window of opportunity for bins to be put out for collection - too early and you get fined as a fly-tipper. My working day starts at 6AM and ends after 7PM. Short of giving up my job, I have no way of complying!

We've all seen the photos of bins crawling with maggots, so I'd have to bag quite a lot of our waste before it went into wheelie bins anyway. Your crusade for wheelie bins would be a cruisade for causing me personally a whole load of hassle for zero practical benefit. Sorry.

Posted by Helen T
Tuesday, 21 August 2007

I'm with Robert on this. There is nowhere outside my house that has room for a wheelie bin and no access to the back of my house. There is a little cubby hole in the wall opposite that is just the right size for each of us to have a normal bin, and that suffices.

I used to live in Sheffield where we did have wheelie bins, and it was suitable for that area as most houses have yards. In Hebden where many houses front directly onto the street and are back to back or under/over dwellings I don't believe that it would work.

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