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Hebden Royd Town Council - have you thought of standing?

Posted by Jonathan Timbers ( on March 18, 2000 at 15:02:33:

There's a by-election in Fairfield Ward because of the inactive Liberals has resigned.

The Labour Party doesn't stand candidates for Hebden Royd Town Council because we'd prefer to see it act as an independent pressure group and consultative body for Calderdale.

That means that we need people who are active in the community to stand.

Currently, there is an under-representation on the council of active trade unionists, single parents, people involved with the arts business sector, council tenants, young people and environmentalists etc.

There is considerable over-representation of Liberals who don't appear to be doing anything much. It would be a great loss to our community if they are not challenged because the town council is turning into an expensive white elephant.

If you want a chat about what it involves, please email me at Jonathan@caldervalley.new.labour.org.uk. Obviously, we don't wish to put up candidates who call themselves independent, but who are really controlled by us. But we are prepared to talk to you, so long as you are broadly committed to equal opportunities. You don't even have to like the current government!

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