Bottle Bank

Posted by Mary Seward ( on May 19, 2000 at 13:00:16:


The search is on for a new glass-recycling site in Hebden Bridge following the decision by the firm, which collects the glass not to accept mixed glass in the future.

Following pressure from local Liberal Democrat Councillors recycling bins, which have recently been removed from the New Road recycling site, are to be replaced until an alternative site can be found.

Concerned residents had contacted local Councillors after the removal of glass recycling facilities led to people dumping their bottles at the site.

Earlier this year Calderdale Council received the news that Glass Recycling (UK) Ltd, who have been collecting glass from recycling stations - and paying the council for it - would no longer accept glass of mixed colours. This seems to be a decision taken by the glass industry throughout the country."
"All the councilís glass banks are now having to be replaced by three - one for clear glass, one for green and one for brown. Unfortunately the vehicle which collects these cannot get into the Garden Street site so a new site needs to be found."

"I and my colleagues take all recycling issues very seriously. Calderdale Council does not have a particularly good record in this area and we are determined to make improvements. We have asked that some facilities are kept available until a better site is found. It was not good enough just to tell people that the nearest available site was in Mytholmroyd. People who turned up with their bottles were leaving them at the recycling site rather than making another trip to Mytholmroyd.

I hope that this can now stop and that an accessible, central site for glass recycling in Hebden Bridge will soon be found.

Councillor Mary Seward.