The Flood

Posted by Cllr Jane Brown ( on June 05, 2000 at 21:19:34:

After going around Mytholmroyd and Hebden Bridge on Sunday morning after the flood Cllrs Jane Brown and Christine Bampton-Smith (Liberal Democrats Luddendenfoot ward) were horrified at the devastation caused by the freak flood.

Many residents and shopkeepers were angry that the early warning system was anything but early. By the time a lot of people received the telephone call, to say that the rivers were on red alert, they were stood in feet of water. We have asked for this to be looked into and we are now awaiting a full report from the Environment Agency.

We will be calling for a better warning system to be put in place and the entire upper valley Liberal Democrat Councillors will be trying to secure more money to improve the flood defence system throughout this valley.

Many residents in Mytholmroyd were asking us was the expensive flood alleviation scheme working?
We have enquired about this and are awaiting a reply. As soon as we know the answer to this and many other questions we will let people know.

People have lost so much. We are hoping that some local charities will step in to help with some of the more urgent and pressing cases It will take a long time for people to rebuild their homes and businesses and some will probably never regain what they had.

Most business’ that sold food and drink will have had a visit from the Environmental Health team by the end of the week. They are visiting people and offering advice. The Council has also been out all week distributing disinfectant to as many homes as possible to help with the clean up operation.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the volunteers that turned out to help. Even through the devastation the community spirit is very strong and a pleasure to witness.

Cllrs Mrs Jane Brown & Mrs Christine Bampton-Smith