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Posted by Chris Lund ( on June 08, 2000 at 19:21:32:

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The problem with building a by-pass at Hebden Bridge, apart from where it could be put, is that this would only transfer the bottlenecks to other places in the valley. Mytholmroyd, Luddendenfoot, Friendly and King Cross all form major problems for traffic trying to get to and from work during the week.
Once upon a time the planners will have been eyeing up the railway line as a possible route, but fortunately this has never closed and now is experiencing a welcome resurgence of traffic.

What is needed is a "by-pass" from West and South of Todmorden to East of Halifax and Brighouse to take the through traffic away from the upper Calder valley altogether.

Of course this is what the M62 was supposed to be! Unfortunately it is now over-saturated with traffic, which is in part why the A646 is so busy.
But gosh, what an outcry there was when it was suggested the M62 should be expanded!

The only solution will be when we all sit at home all day and do all our work via the Internet, thus not needing to travel to work at all.
I'm glad to see you're getting the idea already.
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