Partisan Politics

Posted by Jonathan Timbers ( on June 30, 2000 at 00:17:47:

The submit response section doesn't work on my Hb site currently, so I'm responding to Peter's comments by posting this.

Re: partisan politics - well, it always is, isn't it? otherwise it's not politics?

If Peter means party political politics - well, two points -

1) I can't speak for the Lib Dems., but with (at various times throughout the year) 40 activists and a membership of over 150, the Labour Party in HB does represent a local view. Our members (incl. myself) are not only involved in the town through politics, but through a range of voluntary organisations. All of us (incl. the Lib Dems) spend a lot of our private time trying to sort out the difficulties of others. Much of the time for no financial reward - of course, because we get something out of it personally. We have as much right to be on this website as any other resident! Especially if we have useful information.
2) It is surely reasonable that people know what their councillors and MP's are doing. Why not? Business may currently be more fashionable than democratic politics, but it still should have a place. Also, the HB Times hasn't had any arguments between town councillors since the Labour Party stood down from it in 1999 and called for it to be made up of independents - exactly what you seem to favour. Even when we were on, we developed a good working relationship with the Liberals. So I don't actually see what you are basing your point upon.

Finally, there will be a meeting of the Yorkshire Regional Flood Defence Committee at 10.30 am in Phoenix House in Leeds on July 13th 2000 to discuss a new flood warning defence system. Try to be there, if you can!