Fuel Price

Posted by Nick Dickinson ( on September 12, 2000 at 12:59:38:

The tax on petrol unfairly attacks the rural community who rely on cars for transportation because public transport is unreliable, infrequent and overcrowded.

The majority of people think that a 33% rise in the price of fuel in 18 months is too much. It is the governments job to implement policies which reflect the general consensus of the population. Yet all we hear from ministers is it is not there job to bow to public pressure. I'm sorry, but it is the job of government to bow to public pressue, what are we in, a dictatorship!

Tony Blair is so off the ball on this one and I voted for them! Losers.

As for your comments, wake-up. There is no current alternative to fossil fuels to power motor vehicles.

And for those of you who say, more people should use public transport. Where are they going to sit? When I used to catch the train to Leeds, by the time it gets near, people have to be left standing at the platforms, not to mention the daily cancelations.