Fuel Protests

Posted by Alison Dale ( on November 02, 2000 at 17:17:45:

Fuel Protests

Does anyone else share my feelings about the “People’s” Fuel Protest? I object to this group of wealthy road hauliers and already subsidised farmers once again aping radical politics for what are fundamentally reactionary purposes.

There are many reasons for being dissatisfied with the present Government, but the price of petrol isn’t one of them. The worldwide problems with the weather are almost certainly the result of global warming and we should welcome high fuel prices as one of the mechanisms for maintaining or reducing our current high levels of fossil fuels’ consumption.

I am a motorist who needs my car for work purposes but believe that I should pay for what I consume of the Earth’s resources. I keep my costs down by using a car with an economical engine size : a choice which is probably open to the majority of private users.

Far from being a “people’s” campaign, the fuel protest seems to be led by a very well-heeled set of men and by some who are using the price of petrol as an excuse to try to cause a major crisis for an elected Government who they dislike for other reasons.

It can’t surely be a coincidence that William Hague has referred to this group who have adopted thuggish and dangerous tactics as a “fine, upstanding set of people.” Also, one can’t help but contrast the ever so polite behaviour of the Police in September with the savagery displayed to the striking miners in 1984. The “Guardian” recently reported that the fuel protestors also have the active support of the fascist British National Party.

I think it’s time for those of us who support high fuel prices for environmental reasons and who are against this right wing inspired attempt to disrupt the country to show our distaste. I’d like to become involved in counter-demonstrations or any other form of actvity which might go towards showing that a substantial proportion of the people support current fuel prices. Has anyone got any ideas?

Alison Dale