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Calder High Results

Posted by Kate ( on January 05, 2001 at 19:01:35:

I sat the 2000 GCSE exams at Calder High, and emerged with 1 A*, 7 A's and 3 B's. Since then I've begun study at Greenhead College, Huddesrfield, and am quite amazed with how I managed to get those results at all, when comparing the standard of morale and teaching between the two.

I always thought Calder High as being one of the 'good schools' of the area, but looking at the results and realising we didn't even scrape the national average, I believe it's time the school stopped merely kidding itself that it is a top school, when clearly the results show otherwise. Fellow students who left to study at a sixth form colleges are also getting the distinct impression that Calder High School is certainly not as good as it leads everyone to believe.

Before it continues to carry on with it's orgy of back-slapping and self-confidence, perhaps the school should concentrate on what really matters - getting pupils the right results. At the moment it strives to give off an air of polished perfection on the outside, when the inside is a different matter entirely.