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Geology of Heben Bridge

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Hi everyone!

I'm a geology postgraduate student at the University of Liverpool, researching the Millstone Grit of the area between Keighley and Marsden. I'm going to be working in the area from May to July and I'm looking for accomodation for that period.

Does anybody out there know of accomodation, or would like to rent out a room / have a lodger for that period of time? Any resonable offers considered. I'm also intested in severval other outdoor activites. Please get in contact!

The rocks outcropping around Hebden Bridge were deposited during the Namurian stage of the Carboniferous in shallow water deltas, similar in form to that of the present day Missisippi or Nile. My research is attempting to use new approaches in assessing the environments and processes that occured during their depostion...

I'm also leading a field trip for the Yorkshire Geological Society on the 18 July. If you are interested in attending please contact me.

Matthew Brettle
Dept of Earth Sciences,
University of Liverpool.
L69 3BX