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Foot and Mouth

Posted by Eileen Burnip, Saturday, March 10, 2001

Please read the following and pass it on to as many of your friends and colleagues as possible.

Who's affected by the government's refusal to allow vaccination against foot and mouth?

  • Anyone who plans to take a holiday in Britain this year
  • Anyone who owns or runs a hotel, pub, cafe, restaurant, tea shop outside of a big city
  • Anyone who manufactures or sells equipment for outdoor activities (and that's shoes, cags, fleeces, rucksacks etc)
  • Anyone working in the field of outdoor activity, adventure provision for children etc
  • Anyone who wants to walk, run, cycle climb in the countryside
  • Anyone who wants to go camping - and anyone who runs a camp site
  • Anyone who has any kind of shop or business in a semi-rural town (like Hebden Bridge, Holmfirth, Kendal, Keswick, Ambleside)
  • Anyone who likes going to the seaside (how many paths to the sea go beside farmland)
  • Oh yes, and anyone who hates to see senseless slaughter of animals
  • And farmers
If you know anyone affected this way, or can add to this list, please forward this message. And not just to your friends. Send it to your MP (email lists available on www.parliament.co.uk or snail mail c/o House of Commons, Westminster, London)

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