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Foot and Mouth

Posted by Mark Pimlott, Wednesday, March 14, 2001

Firstly I am a Veggie and have been for the last 20 years, and having lived in the country side all my life I feel some of my views are not a million miles away from others.

I am lead to believe that Foot and Mouth affect Pigs and Cows particularly bad as oppose to sheep. Sheep show mild forms of Foot and Mouth ie blistering in the mouth etc, whilst cattle and Pigs suffer, the virus strips the animals of their health and leave the animal in a poor state. So much so that the hooves are boken down and then when the animal recovers the hooves grow back deformed, causing pain and suffering, along with the fact that from a commercial point of view they can not be resold as thsy are not suitable for the consummers pallete.

I do not think the goverment is over reacting, I feel for the farmers and the financial burden that they are suffering, I certainly would not sugguest that spreading the virus by walking in the country side is likely to make you popular with the farmer ( as you could possible destroy their lively hood) but also a possible fine of 5000. I am an active cyclist and fell runner but have curbed my desires and have settled with running and cycling on the roads, I would suggest that other people do like wise.

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