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Foot and Mouth

Posted by Eileen Jones, Thursday, March 15, 2001

I can appreciate Mark's concern. But there must come a point where the proposed cull of healthy animals raises moral and ethical issues that have not yet been aired; when in becomes necessary to ask why town centre events (in places like Doncaster and Halifax) are being cancelled. When Michael Meacher was asked why should people continue to go to the Lakes when they couldn't walk, he suggested: "Let them eat evenings meals in restaurants". The government is totally out of touch with reality. The Lake District IS closed. If it's being recommended that you can still visit and tour by car, why are the car parks in Ambleside and Keswick closed? If the tourist board is distributing leaflets about "tarmac walks" why are local people finding roads closed by "volunteers"? It may well be that in the long term we have to accept and live with some suffering among animals; far better that than see yet more pyres of carcases.

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