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Foot and Mouth

Posted by Emma Constantine, Saturday, March 31, 2001

I'd like to reply to Mr Josh Greenwoods very selfish an naive comments on the foot and mouth crisis. Yes It's true animals recover from this disease and it can only affect humans on rare occasions, but the fact remains that the animal in question will be sickly for the rest of its natural life. It has to be treated with antibiotics, so cannot enter the food chain until they are out of its system, which for some animals mean that it can't ever be sold for meat, i.e cows on an 18 month system. Restrictions on meat production are so tight and the current market price for meat mean that he animals are worthless at the end of the day. However all of this aside, the law set down requires that any animal infected must be slaughtered along with any other livestock on the farmers land. e.g. a farmer with 200 dairy cattle, 350 sheep and say 1000 chicken will be required to destroy everything. Even arable farmers won't escape as they will have to burn crops. You may feel this is an over reaction but its selfish pig headed people like you that continualy exasperate this problem. How dare you even consider walking in the craggs. If you can live with your conscience knowing that you may have contributed to a man's ruin, the distruction of his life, and his ancestor's life work then you are a very sick man. Take this argument up with me if you dare.

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