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Foot and Mouth

Posted by Josh Greenwood, Sunday, April 1, 2001

Emma, you say that infected animals will be sickly for the rest of its life. According to Abigail Wood, a vet and university researcher,(see my previous posting) the disease is no worse than a bad cold for humans. Of course, we can't really be sure because no animal has been allowed to live after getting it.

What I really object to is the disgusting spectacle of the killing fields. Thousands and thousands of animals being slaughtered. What kind of species are we that can do this to our fellow creatures? When humans get ill, we don't burn the innocent victims. If such slaughter were planned against tigers, dolphins or foxes imagine the outcry.

How do you explain to children why those "little lambs" are being shot and buried in quicklime this spring?

The real reasons for the butchery is economic. I think it would be much better if the meat trade is no longer profitable - and it will continue to be less and less profitable as more of us go vegetarian - for the land to be put to other uses - fruit, vegetables, grain, tourism, windfarms, forestry. You talk about the ruin of lives. Far more lives are going to be ruined by the collapse of tourism. Nevertheless, I would hope that the redundant farmers are treated with more sympathy than were the miners and steel workers when their industries collapsed in the 80s.

As for walking in Crags, why not? Hardcastle Crags is not farmland and is there for the recreation of us all. Many landowners have never liked public access to the countryside, and I can't help feeling that they would be very happy for these restrictions to become permanent.

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