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Foot and Mouth

Posted by Mark Pimlott, Monday, April 2, 2001

I do not think that the countryside is over reacting to the spread of foot & mouth, given I live over looking Hard Castle Cragg and am surrounded by Farms, who are very concerned about the real possiability of their stock by contaminated by Foot & Mouth ( which may I add is far more serious than a cold). I do not think it is a problem or inconvience that we are not able to venture across this great land of ours until this virus is under control. I myself race on mountain bikes and my partner fell runs, whilst all these events have been cancelled, and rightly so, it is not the end of the world.

Can that be said to the farmers who have spent their livelyhood developing their business? I am a veggie but can I say that if farmer were left to utilise their land other than Farming, we would probabely see mass building of houses and these open moorlands turned into fields. Although I hate to say this, but if we didn't have Grouse shooting, we would proabely not have any moorland left, and I feel that is true particularly around Hebden Bridge.

Life is about a balance and compromise....

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