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Yugoslavia - where is our MP?

[ Follow Ups ] [ Post Followup ] [ HB Web - discussion and comment ] [ Alison Dale on April 04, 1999 at 09:53:16:

I am furious about the war in Yugoslavia and this is a copy of a message I have just posted to my MP, Christine Mccafferty. I found her email address on the list of emails on this site. Everyone should be writing to their MP to stop this.

Seeing the flames of burning Belgrade on the TV yesterday evening I feel ashamed that I voted Labour. I did not vote for this. I cannot believe what I am seeing. Hundreds of new born babies being rushed down into a bomb shelter because buildings next to their hospital are ablaze.

When Labour helped start this bombing, it was obvious to anyone with an ounce of sense that bombing would make matters very much worse. And it has done. Hundreds of thousands of refugees are making this the most massive human disaster in Europe since Hitler. Things were bad before in Kosovo but now they horrific.

Bombing doesnít solve political problems. It never has done and the situation in Yugoslavia is as complex as that in Ireland. What did the bombs solve there? Imagine what would the reaction of the Irish be if NATO bombed Belfast. Itís just madness.

And where is the voice of our local MP in all this? Iíve looked in the Hebden Times and the Courier, but your view of the war is never given. And I see the Hebden Bridge Web people say they have written to you. You are our MP and you need to be accountable. What are you doing to stop this terrible war?
You do have a duty to tell us.

Maybe, you are quiet because you are torn between party loyalty and your own shame at what is happening. Perphaps you of all MPs could make a real difference because until now you have been loyal to your PM. If you were to start publicly questioning this war, this may encourage other MPs and the leadership may be shocked enough into moving towards a ceasefire.

And you would earn the respect of the many in Hebden Bridge who want the bombing to stop.

Alison Dale